About Bacchus Antik

Bacchus Antik trades in 20th century objects.
Starting with Art Nouveau and classic Swedish art glass, we have a wide and exciting range of ceramics, glass, lamps and furniture.

We have a large assortment of ceramics from Gustavsberg and Rörstrand with names such as Berndt Friberg, Stig Lindberg, Gunnar Nylund and Carl-Harry Stålhane.
We also have one of Sweden's best assortments of art glass with masters such as Simon Gate, Edward Hald, Edvin Öhrström, Vicke Lindstrand, Nils Landberg, Ingeborg Lundin and many more.

In our shelves you will also find Italian art glass, Finnish art glass and Gallé vases.

It is important to convey joy . An entire wall holds "happy ceramics", copper and porcelain that long for coffee ropes and tea parties.
Favorites such as Berså, Spisa Ribb and Zebrakoppar are crowded with rare delicacies such as Stig Lindberg's Tahiti cups or Karin Björquist's fifties tealot Svart Ruter.

A whole world of lamps floats on the ceiling. A large collection of Art Nouveau lamps from Böhlmarks mixed with Glössner lamps, PH lamps and period lamps from the 1950s and 1960s.

Among the furniture you will find everything from Carl Malmsten's classic Samsas and Grandma to Bruno Mathson's Jetson armchairs and Hans Wegner's coffee table.

Come on in, take a look. There's always something going on here. A customer can step in with a Farsta bowl. Another goes out with a Wegner chair or three cups from Alf Wallander's dragonfly tableware. The phone rings from New York. Packing boxes open. Incoming goods do not always end up in the first place. Sometimes they are set so that the customer has to look a bit. Things happen on shelves and stands with us!

The owner Michael Strömquist has been a trader since 1978 and Bacchus Antik has been located in the middle of the antique district on Upplandsgatan in Stockholm since 1996.
Since June 2011, we have two stores at the same address.

We also have the "Lamp Workshop" with us at Bacchus Antik, which performs lamp repairs of all kinds and its own upholstery workshop.


Förenade Antik- och konsthandlare
Bacchus Antik is of course a member of Förenade Antik and Konsthandlare.
And is part of Antiques Are Green - for a climate-smart use of our resources.